Black cherry, plum, spice and tobacco flavors are the
hallmarks of this polished, sophisticated Brunello.
Beautifully balanced, with soft tannins that provide
pillowy support. Stays vibrant on the lingering finish.
Best from 2018 through 2032.


Brunello La Gerla 1980, tra i vini degustati durante il 50° anniversario de il Consorzio del Brunello

Intriguing aromas of cherry, soy and Szechuan peppercorngive way to cherry and cedar flavors in this elegant red.
The core of cherry builds as this persists on the finish.

Pure cherry, rose and raspberry aromas and flavors are expressive in this complex, ripe Brunello. Hints of leather, tobacco, mineral and spice lay in wait, but this is all about the fresh fruit at this stage. Very harmonious, yet with plenty of structure. Long on the finish. Best from 2017 throught 2032.

We are delighted to inform you that starting this year La Gerla
has a new grape selection system in place. For some time now,
individual clusters of grapes are chosen after a careful selection
in the vineyard and during the harvest, and they are then carefully
selected and meticulously checked in the cellar before being
placed in the vats. This year, we decided to invest in a destemming
machine (the grapes are transferred to the fermentation vats intact)
as well as a vibrating table that allowed us to intervene by discarding
the grape berries that are not perfectly ripe in addition to anything
that does not contribute to the attainment of absolute quality.
With this latest step and the extraordinary quality of the 2015
harvest, I am certain that we will succeed in to producing
excellent and unique wines.

Alberto Passeri

 Poggio gli Angeli 2014
pure sangiovese coming from our younger vineyards. A full body wine, rich of perfumes and aromas.
The 100% Sangiovese grapes are selected with the same accurancy of our Brunello grapes, same vinification (criomaceration, delestages,
and malolactic fermentation in stainless still,the difference is the ageing that is just 4 months in big barrel and 2 months in the bottle.

The Poggio gli Angeli will be positioned just under our Rosso di Montalcino as price, and with this wine is sharing the great fruit and freshness;

is just a little bit more easy to drink and young in ageing process; for this reason would be dedicated especially to Wine Bars, Restaurants and

Wines Shops with a by the glass programs and big volumes.

I personally believe that Poggio gli Angeli will get a good success of public because his drinkability and affordable price but also because his packaging, classic as La Gerla and young as the concept of this wine.

Alberto Passeri


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